RaiseRight (formally Scrip)


Gift Card fundraising is an easy way to give back to church, because you are buying gift cards for stores that you would normally shop at and in return a percentage of your purchase is donated back to the church by that business.  No extra work, no extra money, and no extra of your time is needed.  


St. Bartholomew's code is AL9B2B3214382


You will need the code mentioned above when you create an account and register either online at raiseright.com/enroll or if you down load the RaiseRight app on your mobile device.





Interested in learning more? 

This video will walk you through how to download the app, create an account, and even buy giftcards right there on your phone. 


Want to purchase at church? Need help?

Renee Bonick or Lori Fels are available on Wednesday & Sunday, before and after the service to help with your scrip needs.   You can also see a copy of the Scrip Purchase order form here on the website.  

If you have any other questions, please contact Renee at (920) 296-9164 or dnrbonick@gmail.com.